Rights Versus Privileges, No Chipoltle!

I was at my favorite bookstore a couple weeks back when I was introduced to the book, “I have the right to be a child.”  This book is an amazing conversation starter…and awesome to reference right before a tantrum.  I now reference it more often than “Have you filled a bucket.”  It became particularly handy this afternoon when the children were begging to eat dinner at Chipotle.

“Daaaaaaaaaaaaaadddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, we want Chipotleeeeeeeee!!” in the whiniest voices this earth has ever experienced!

In my firm fatherly voice, I interrupted, “children, having food to eat is a right.  Having a roof over your head is a right.  Going to school is a right.  What else…?”

They each listed off several of the other rights discussed in the book simultaneously…the right to medicine, safety, water, and of course, the right to say no to your family.

Yes, those are your rights.  Going to Chipotle, or any other restaurant is a privilege, not a right.

Case closed!  Bean burritos for dinner.

If you want to teach your children about rights versus privilege, I strongly recommend “I have the right to be a child.”